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I feel disturbed I found a bunch of Penny bondage and tickle fetish wtf
question about the inspector gadget (2015) fandom:

how come Talon and Penny get more fanart than any of the other characters wtf
IG Fanchildren
Oh look, more fanchildren. I got bored so I decided to digitally draw these guys, since I've drawn them traditionally before. This time, we have Inspector Gadget fanchildren. This next gen AU follows the 2015 series of Inspector Gadget, and I might make more fanchildren for this AU in the future. I have so many next gen AUs for different shows it's outrageous, but I'm thinking about adding lots of stuff to this particular one.

Gadget Jr.:

Sex: Male
Age: 22
Personality: Outgoing, smart, kind
Likes: Gadgets, cats, flowers, cooking
Dislikes: Spiders, storms
Backstory: Born to the infamous Inspector Gadget and the evil Dr. Claw, Gadget Jr. is a quick-witted young man who has always been keen on helping his father with investigations. Ever since he was four, Gadget Jr. had dreamed of being a detective, and he was very good at it. Unfortunately, when he was sixteen, he worked at a store up until he was eighteen. One day, he immediately quit his job once he saw his father pass by the window on a high-speed chase with MAD agents, and from that point on, Junior would be a detective in training, being mentored by his father.
• He has no clue that Dr. Claw is his other parent.
• His hat was passed down from his father to him.
• He possesses some of Gadget Sr.'s gadgets.
• Although he is smart, he can be pretty dense at times.


Sex: Female
Personality: Stubborn, headstrong, tomboyish
Likes: Investigating, rough-housing, fighting crime
Dislikes: Annoying people, little kids, vegetables
Backstory: Before helping her friends fight crime, Edith was a brilliant and intelligent little dog. She often liked to throw rocks into lakes or ponds, and even go swimming sometimes. She usually wandered off into the woods to pick flowers. After watching her friends fight crime for the first time, Edith wanted to join them, and so she did.


Sex: Male
Personality: Cheerful, outgoing, hyper
Likes: Balloons, finding clues, parties
Dislikes: Vegetables
Backstory: When Zach was younger, he was often teased and made fun of for how dense he was. He didn't quite understand what all the other pups were laughing at him about. As he grew older, he finally understood what they had been laughing at. He had tried to quit being so dense, and he had finally succeeded, and became happy. He joined his friends in police cases, and that is what made him happy the most.


Sex: Female
Age: 14
Personality: Intelligent, tomboyish
Likes: Reading, studying, playing pranks
Dislikes: Bedtime, little kids, insects
Backstory: Sarah always enjoyed staying up past three in the morning reading her favorite books, she continuously did this, until one day she had watched her mother train to fight evil. Sarah wondered what it would be like to fight bad guys, and be rewarded for her effort. She trained day and night, leaving her books behind. Her mother thought she could be of help as she had continuously watched her daughter train. After this, Sarah had begun to aid her companions in fighting the bad guys, and she has aided them ever since.


Sex: Male
Age: 14
Personality: Rude, mean, lazy
Likes: Playing pranks, messing with people, money, video games
Dislikes: Helping others, getting things for himself
Backstory: Steel has always been very lazy, ever since he was five. He hated cleaning up after himself, and begged for his mother to do all of it for him. He admired his father for being a bad guy in the past, which his mother didn't really appreciate. Steel wanted to be just like his father, so Talon decided to put him through training, not to be a bad guy, but to be a good guy. Throughout training, Steel had thought he was being trained to become a bad guy, just like his father. Even after training has ended, Steel still continues to believe that he had been trained to be a villain.


Sex: Female
Personality: Disrespectful, lazy, sleepy
Likes: Mice, fish, food, sleeping
Dislikes: Being woken up from her nap, squeaky toys, dogs

(Would ya look at that, I actually did backstories this time. For Annabelle, however, she's just a cat, I didn't really think she needed a backstory.)
Inspector Gadget is a very precious boi
he is a good boi
a very good boi
pure boi
precious boi
sweet boi
and you know it
  • Listening to: bring me to life
  • Reading: What if I am pregnant?
  • Watching: Seinfeld
  • Playing: Roblox lol
  • Eating: Dank memes
  • Drinking: Bleach


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Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
About Me:

Religion: Catholic
Sign: ♏️ Scorpio
Birthday: November 18th
Fictional Character Crush: Karamatsu
Sinner?: Yes
My OTP: Gadget x Dr. Claw

⭐️Fandoms I'm In⭐️
• Osomatsu-san/kun
• My Little Pony
• The Wizard of Oz
• The Outsiders
• Raggedy Ann
• The Lorax
• Inspector Gadget
• Bendy and the Ink Machine

💫Favorite YouTubers💫
• MrBeast
• Derek Gerard
• Camii Dee
• PewDiePie
• Solar Sands
• TheFandomMenace
• TheJackoon
• DeviantCringe
• RubberDuckula

Also, I apologize if my art has shaky lines, I have an all-over body tremor and I can't help it. 0^0


People you should check out:

DO NOT use my art without my permission. If you do post my art, however, please be sure to credit me.

If you see someone using or stealing my art, or posting my art without crediting me, please tell me immediately.

The Oz Kids Stamp by SankaJones Party Hard Scootaloo Stamp by mariokinz Osomatsu-San by JustYoungHeroes Gadgetinis Fan by xTechnologic Gadgetinis Stamp by ParadoxPandah Creepspector Gadget Stamp by GadgetMonster

Also, watch out, because I am a grammar nazi. Please don't become angered towards me if I correct you on your grammar or spelling. ^^'


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